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Who we are

Let’s start at the beginning

IFAI is a growing managed technology provider of comprehensive technology solutions serving the international market. Our goal is to provide small and medium sized companies with integrated business technology services that will help increase their business productivity and reduce the costs associated with Information Technology.


I&F Aplicaciones Informáticas, S. L. U.

IFAI has been grounded in the northern Madrid community since 1995. Originally, IFAI performed IT services for small and medium-sized businesses and was solely a “Break-Fix” company. Using our IT support experience we took the appropriate measures to attract the right personnel and expand the growth and intellect of the company. Due to our unfailing diligence and expertise, IFAI expanded its reach from just a handful of clients to over 100 clients that are served today in various vertical industries, some of which have been with IFAI since the very beginning.


Our business allows us deep understanding of the transition from older technology to contemporary cloud services. IFAI has evolved from our “Break-Fix” origins to become a contract-based company that has a proactive business model. We strive to be detail-oriented, act with unparalleled customer service, and perform high-quality personalized services.